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Kattamya Business Gate


In 1983, Mohamed Morshedy established Memaar Al Morshedy with a clear business strategy to penetrate the real estate development industry. Mr. Morshedy recruited a strong team of like-minded inspired architects and engineers that would become known later as Degla for Real Estate Developments, the pillar of Memaar Al Morshedy.


Kattameya gate is one of the newest projects of Memaar AlMorshedy in a new addition to the attributes of the architecture market in Egypt, at which the company is constructing it over an area of 43,700 m2, Kattameya Gate provides the concept of perfectness in the elements of building and construction as it is a residential and commercial complex which is located in a unique location in Kattameya and was designed by one of the most talented designer VDP with the latest international design trends to make the complex provide 2 floors as a parking, a commercial ground floor, and 11 repeated floors with a total of 3,088 residential units that varies from 47 m2 up to 156 m2.



Starting area from 50 sqm
Delivery 3 years
Medical and admin same price per meter

قطامية جيت
القطامية- ناصية طريق العين السخنة
الواجهه على الدائري و طريق السخنة 
المكاتب الادارية و العيادات و الشركات المتوسطة و الكبيرة
 تبدا من ٥٣ 
سعر المتر : 20500 واجهه داخلي و 28000 علي الدائرى
نظم الدفع : 5% و الباقي علي 7 سنوات 20% دفعه استلام و 10%صيانه
2% خصم


Other Information

  • Location: Mokattam, Cairo