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Ein Hills

El shahawy group

El-Shahawi Group had its beginnings in 1976 with the development of residential buildings across Cairo.
These activities resulted in the formation of the real estate development company known as Galalah, and the company’s success in Ein El-Sokhna began with the groundbreaking development of Ein Resort in 1992. This was followed in 1998 by the development of Ein Bay.In the same year, the company expanded its activities to cover cement production, forming the Arabian Cement Company. Further real estate activities commenced in 2005, when the
company initiated the Palm Islands project in Na’ema Bay in Sharm El Sheikh. 2005 saw massive expansion into new business sectors, which prompted the formation of El-Shahawi group, which includes five subsidiaries: the Arabian Cement Company, which oversees cement production; Ready Rocks, which oversees aggregates production; Premix Concrete, which handles readymix concrete production; El-Shahawi for engineering and contracting; and El-Shahawi for real estate development.


Ein hills is a boutique development of 500 properties with private pools and infinite sea view carved in the mountain. Located 129 km away from Cairo, all it takes is an hour drive to Sokhna’s most private sanctuaries. Extending over 200 meters top, Ein Hills is overlooking an infinite sea view with an exclusive community experience and an ultimate luxury lifestyle.


Ein Hills in brief:
- Project Area: 200,000 m2
- 82% Nature
- Crystal Lagoon of 4500 m2
- Project is divided among 6 platforms and 5 boarwalks
- All units are staggered allowing an open sea view
Project Components:
500 residential keys with private pools divided into:
1. 3 bedrooms chalets
2. 3 bedrooms Maison
3. 2 bedrooms Lodges
4. Duplexes
5. Maisonettes
6. Villa
1. Main infinity pool
2. Meditation Pool
3. Transportation hub – Pulley Train
4. 200 meters waterfall streaming across the 6 platforms
5. Crystal Lagoon
6. Boutique stores
7. Fine dining restaurants
8. Commercial stores
9. 1 Km. wide Clear sea view boardwalks
10. Clubhouse Piazza
11. Kids play zones
12. Sports courts
13. Wellness Center ( Spa and gym )
14. Bonfire Lounges
15. Aquarium Restaurants
16. Water desalination station
17. Solar stations

Other Information

  • Location: Ain Sokhna, Ain Sokhna